No cables, baby - almost

Sunday, January 14, 2018 at 8:11 PM UTC

Using a device that supports wireless charging turns out to be very handy. No cables on the desktop anymore, no scratches around the connector that may reduce the device’s value.

Today I want to give a short overview of three devices I am using for wireless charging - all from completely different price ranges. Spoiler: none of them are officially recommended by Apple for the iPhone X. All devices do not come with a power adapter, so you have to use a spare one or better buy a multi USB power adapter.

The fast one

The RAVpower 10W Fast Qi Charger (Amazon) supports the 7.5W fast charging mode - though not the iPhone (which is not the fault of the charger itself).

For 13 EUR you get an unobtrusive black circle shaped plate for the desktop. A green LED indicates the operation when the device sits on top.

The cheap one

This is the Senwu Portable Qi Charger (Amazon) w/o fast charging (though the product description states something else). The price is ridiculous. Currently you can get it for less than 2 EUR, I bought it for 99 Cents! This little guy sits even better on the desk as it has rubbers on both sides. A green LED constantly indicates that it got power and it turns blue when the device is charging. You can’t do anything wrong with this one, just buy 5-10 for all your places or DIY furniture projects.

The multi talent

Wireless charging is smart and I wanted to have it while travelling. I could have bought some of the cheap ones again to carry with me but I wanted more. I found this power bank, the Wofalo 2in1 (Amazon), that also provides wireless charging. It’s a little bit bigger than the iPhone X and quite slim to fit in jacket or jeans back pockets (and in laptop bags of course).

It has a cable built-in the case to charge the device you connect to it which is also super handy.

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