Windows April Update 1803 - so what?

Monday, April 30, 2018 at 10:57 PM UTC

Today the 1803 OTA update was enrolled. MS had to publish it to still call it „the April update“. To be honest: I don’t give a shit about it. The new features do not impress me at all. VOWE created a summary of them, so I won’t write about it. For me they are all totally unimportant.

I am completely uninterested about everything Windows related - until it breaks my workflow. But so it did today, of course. During my work day my work system wanted to be restarted out of the blue. Fortunately I was able to stop it in time. Otherwise I would have lost a lot of data (in this case a lot of text I wrote during the day). But the update process is still annoying. It loads the stuff in the background but I can „feel“ it as it slows down my PC and every network connection I use. This should be a real background task. For me this would mean: do stuff when the user does not do anything. Load your fucking stuff when I have a break for at least 30 minutes (or over night when the machine is in hibernate mode) but not while I am using resources with my applications!

Who does updates the way they should be? Yes, macOS. They load automatically in the background (without doing any harm to the performance and network coverage at all) and then it will be notifying you with a little icon that tell you that there is „something“ to update. And if you like, you can process and run the update. If not, then just leave it alone.

The update process of macOS did not last more than 20 minutes for me including the download of several gigabytes. The Windows updates always take approximately 45 minutes (preparing, downloading, checking) and then another 20 minutes for the „real“ installation.

This is a rant of course. I mean it. Windows is just for gamers, for tinkerers, all other OS are for people who do not compulsory want to maintain the system but just to work with it. For me it’s macOS which promises less maintenance and more usage. Since replaced my father’s PC with an iMac I didn’t have any work with it. It just works and even my father (75) can work with it easily. He even managed to install a printer on it. That’s how computers should work. 

Make me red.

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