Quick Tip: Enabling STARTTLS for SMTP inbound

Tuesday, May 3, 2022 at 9:09 PM UTC

Just a quick note to myself for whenever I stumble upon this again. Today I made the final touches on a new Domino server. The last bit was configuring the SMTP inbound ability using Microsoft M365 custom connector. This one is basically routing certain addresses to the Domino server which will handle those mails itself.

Beside the usual configuration of SMTP, an SMTP website setting and all the stuff done in the server's and domain's configuration setting, there was one thing missing. Microsofts server complained about not being able to connect to Domino properly though having TLS enabled etc. The missing bit was STARTTLS.

Unfortunately the docs don't explain the details about how to do this but there is a technote that has the screenshots where to find this little setting. Once we figured it out, it works like a charm. Once you do...

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