Slides and repo from our #EngageUG session

Thursday, March 5, 2020 at 7:53 PM UTC

Regular Session

With another awesome Engage in the bank, here are the slides and the link to the code repo from the session I had with my partner-in-crime Mark Leusink:



Thank you for your interest - we had a headcount of about 70 people in the Kilimandjaro Lodge Smile

OpenNTF Roundtable

I don't have a deck for that but let me just say thank you for your interest and input during our roundtable in the last slot of this year's Engage. Paul Withers and me presented some insights on how OpenNTF works and what everyone interested can do to support the open source idea and ecosystem around it. Watch out for further blog post on the OpenNTF website regarding the things we discussed as they were

  • cleaning up the user directory
  • cleaning up and enriching the project database
  • engaging via channels like Slack etc.

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