A day off - or not?

Monday, March 30, 2015 at 12:48 AM UTC

This is Sunday on our ride from conference to conference. Today the weather was aweful. It was raining nearly the whole day so this was a good opportunity to chill a bit at the hotel room. Some of us did some sightseeing in Brugge, others stood "at home" as well. The evening was the time when to catch up with all the others from the great ICS community after they finally arrived at the hotels. We had a great time in the hotel bar and I had the chance to talk to so many of those directly for the first time!

In the early afternoon we assembled to preparate the venue. My information was that we just have to pack the conference bags with all the sponser's information papers and give-aways. Actually I was heavily moving tables, chairs and other stuff to create a nice atmosphere around the main venue's places. We were a plenty of people there to help Theo to prepare the rooms and areas for tomorrow. The work that was done has an impact on how we all get together: we're all just enthusiasts who want to create a space for a get-together, seeing a great conference and just having a good time.

The venue is great - but look for yourself in the next 2 days. 

I am looking forward to see and talk to you soon!

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