A #NewWayToWork

Tuesday, April 14, 2015 at 9:28 PM UTC

Nope, this isn't an article about IBM Verse, the new way IBM wants us to use email in the future. I still don't have my account activated yet *sigh*.

It's about my first 10 days (easter holidays excluded) at my new company We4IT. L├Ąchelnd

This should be a post about the pros and cons of joining a new company, a new team and a new environment - but it won't. 

First of all: I received a very kind and warm welcome from all the colleagues and I hope I left a good first impression of myself. My benefit was that I met 80% of them before I startet right at the ICS.UG conference in Bremen and before I first visited the headquarter office, so this might be an exception under this great circumstances. The days after were also very inspiring to me. I have the pleasure to be in the Aveedo development team along with really skilled and talented people! The way we are working together is outstanding uncomplicated and very straight forward. The technical environment is professional and working perfectly. This is a very important part for me as I also work from my home office like the majority of us does.

Regarding home office: I cannot finally state if this is working for me perfectly until several months or years have passed but currently it does - more than I ever expected. This also is a merit of the tools we use in our development team and - of course - due to the team members itself. There is always someone I can ask everything, and I can assure you that I have to ask a lot of (stupid) questions as I am still learning the whole application - as a user and as a developer. It works out better and better on a daily basis. Grinsend In the past days I already worked on some of the tickets (issues/work items) that are decently logged in our JIRA system - also a great tool I like alot.

In addition I also got great assistance from my administrative co-workers (tech and office) to deal with some of the things everyone is facing when joining a new infrastructure. Many thanks for your support!

Concluding the start of this post: until now I don't have any cons to report - except that I missed this Weinend:

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