Summer Breeze

Wednesday, July 31, 2019 at 8:39 PM UTC

It‘s summer time. I am on vacation which means I am doing only things I like to do. I sleep when I have to, I eat when I need to and I sit in front of my devices when I want to. This doesn’t necessarily mean that I am not doing things related to my work life.


After the latest call with our HCL representatives I was onboarded to HCL Leap. HCL was very responsive to my quest and within one hour I was in to test it. I am currently evaluating. Cool

Smart Home

During the past days I also played around with some Raspberry Pi Zeros that now act as temperature sensors in Apple‘s Homekit. Regarding Homekit: it was a bit bitchy during the past weeks since tvOS 13 beta didn‘t support Homekit. After installing tvOS 13 beta 4 everything is back again. This is the price you have to pay when using beta software.


When I as in Bremen in the office last week, we discussed the future of Aveedo. What I took with me is that Aveedo Free Edition isn‘t known as much as we like to have it. Yes, my friends, it‘s free! You can download it and use it for free - and also utilize our template configurations we also offer at no costs. Grab your personal package here:


Due to new personal responsibilities and tasks I got a new machine, a MacBook Pro 13“. I really like the form factor though it isn‘t as powerful as it should be for some tasks. Anyway, I set it up the way I need it and then suddenly I came across the latest post from Daniel Nashed about Domino on Docker. Having a Mac as one of the main machines sooner or later leads to the need of having Domino „natetively“ installed and running in a VM. Docker is the alternative way to do it.

Domino on Docker

After some tinkering I am able to run a Domino CE server that is part of my DNN in Docker in my Mac. For the clients I am using Windows 10 Pro in Parallels that can access it - awesome! Thanks to Daniel Nashed for the blog post and Thomas Hampel for personal assistance - you guys rock!

My Studio

What else? My beloved iMac 27“ is dead. The GPU is faulty so I cannot install and boot anything on it. I tried macOS, Windows and even Linux Mint - but nothing worked. I am preparing an ebay ad to sell the parts now. Frown

Weather Forecast

About our summer: it‘s fucking dry and hot. We had some rain after weeks this evening. But overall it‘s too hot. I really like the summer time but 25C is more than enough for me with some tempests in the evening - but we had 30C+ over the past weeks that didn‘t decrease under 25 at night. Too hot to sleep.

Anyway, I have still 11 days left of procrastinating - expert level!

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