Quick Tip: What is Notes tryin' to tell me?

Wednesday, July 26, 2023 at 11:08 AM UTC

I just stumbled upon a combination of "errors" I never saw before when I tried to create a new replica from Server A on Server B (running locally here on my machine):

Thanks for this info, Notes buddy.

Directly following the next cryptic message:

Okay, let's check the directory permissions (this is a Linux based machine) - all good so far. I also can create new databases and create replicas of others, too. So what the hell?

When I tried to create a new database using the same name as the original replica on Server A, I got this:

Same message but nonsense at all, as this is a file and not a directory.

The reason

It turned out that there already was a database with this exact filename. Notes, if so, then please just tell me that! Angry

For the record: 12.0.1FP1

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Fredrik norling wrote on 14.08.2023, 08:17

I report everything to HCL Support to get the problem solved for future releases and for others that might get the same problem.

Yes, it's demanding to show them how to reproduce the problem but hopefully it will result in a better product. :-)

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