My slides & demo app from today's webinar of TLCC & Teamstudio

Tuesday, April 21, 2015 at 11:48 PM UTC

Today I had the pleasure being a panelist in the latest webinar hosted by TLCC and Teamstudio. Those webinars are held almost every month with a large amount of attendees (~200 people).

I was asked to talk about ideas for application migration strategies and how to transform common patterns of legacy Notes applications to XPages and Java managed beans. I already showed this at the amazing user group events in March: the ICS.UG in Bremen, Germany, and at Engage.UG in Ghent, Belgium.

I just put my slide deck online here:

The demo application I used in the webinar can be downloaded here (the repo also contains an NTF from what you can kickstart right away):

I'd like to thank Howard Greenberg and Paul Della-Nebbia from TLCC and Courtney Carter from Teamstudio for their support and for having me on the show L├Ąchelnd

p.s.: the webinar was recorded and is available on the Teamstudio Youtube channel (hint: the audio track is a bit out of sync):

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Reiner wrote on 24.04.2015, 13:35

My colleague Klaus has seen your session in Bremen. I really wanted to Ghent, but unfortunately it did not make it.
Many thanks for sharing this now!
We are trying to implement similar requirements (Modern frontend for old applications including faceted search functionality etc). I like the approach with managed beans very well and so we have also started similar to tackle it.

thanks again for your contribution, now we can make some improvements in our project.

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Manuel Ruiz wrote on 23.04.2015, 09:53

Thanks for the session


very interesting



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